336 m²

Design 2008



The site is a flat plot of land, situated in a small village of Kefallonia and enjoys a clear view of Ainos Mountain towards the north. The design’s main objective was the reduction of the perceivable scale of the winery to the smaller scale of the surrounding village houses. In order to achieve that, the winery was designed as a compilation of individual volumes under one single roof, resembling a hangar. Each of the underlying volumes was assigned with a function of the winery, such as bottling, storage etc. The morphology of these volumes was inspired from the “arogi” houses which were part of an earthquake relief housing scheme dating back from the island’s earthquake period and can still be found around the island. They were typically single volume houses clad with cheap materials such as corrugated steel, wooden planks, etc. The production area is placed underground, along with the cellar, with the basement area stretching all the way to the perimeter of the “hangar”. Finally, the wine-tasting area and the wine shop are housed in two respective wooden rectangular volumes standing next to the “hangar”, thus being able to function independently from the winery.