960 m²

Design 2004

Construction 2005-2006



Situated in Nemea, a well-known wine-producing area of Peloponnesus, the site has a steep inclination (over 10%). The winery complex is placed on its highest level, along the contour lines and is composed of three discernible volumes placed in slightly different angles all unified through their underground spaces.

The building at the far south of the complex hosts the production process. The middle building houses the bottling and packaging plant,  the cellar and the wine-tasting room. The tasting - room is organized in such a way so as to allow both visual contact with the cellar and a panoramic view to the vineyards. The third building is mainly administrational, 

coupled by an apartment  and a small conference hall.

The aspects of the environmental design include: ground-coupling to maximize the available thermal mass and minimize of heat gains and losses, strategic orientation for each building (depending on its use), good thermal insulation, adequate daylight and avoidance of glare problems in production areas and natural ventilation strategies.

The materials selected for each volume have a symbolic reference for their own use: corrugated aluminum panels as a reference to the storage vats,   wood  due to the presence of the barrels. The minimal character  has been emphasized by the use of white plaster and  local stone was chosen for the all the stone retaining walls.