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300,00 m2

Design: 2017

After a long search, a family from Italy found the desired location for creating their dream  vacation home in the hamlet of Agios Georgios in Antiparos. It is a small sloping site facing the island of Despotikon.  

The design has taken into consideration both the restrictive building rules that apply to this location and the satisfaction of the need for privacy of the different members of the family and their guests.

The minimal volumes of the house are inspired by the vernacular local architecture. Each one is dedicated to a different function: living areas, family bedrooms and guest room.  They embrace a courtyard, an almost transitional space between the interior and the exterior of the house that becomes the central living area protected from the north winds by a sliding element and open to the beautiful sea view towards the south.  

Each space leads to a veranda that acts as its own private open space, whereas the pool area is located at an intermediate level between the main house and the guest space. It creates an independent open area offering a feeling of coolness for the warm summer days and is the ideal spot to congregate and enjoy the sunset.  

Vacation house in Antiparos, Greece
Vacation House in Antiparos
Summer House in Antiparos
Stavropoulou architects
Summer house in Antiparos
Summer House in Antiparos
Summer house in Cyclades
Summer house in Antiparos
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