60,00 m²



A tree house must be as flexible as possible, so as to adapt to the constant seasonal changes in the natural environment. A tree house manifests the relationship between sky and earth and at the same time annuls the boundary between the two.

Usually man inhabits the exterior crust of the earth, a real shell, and has the impression that he is within a heavenly dome, an imaginary shell.

On the surface of the real shell life  develops, with all its marvellous shapes and colours.

In the imaginary shell, one finds the stars and planets: bright points with virtual lines that connect them, tracing the shapes of the constellations.

A series of points and linear perforations of the external and internal cladding of oxidised metal represent the constellations.

This feeling of touching the sky should be within reach for all.  For this purpose the treehouse has been designed  as to be accessible to wheelchair users:  Access is allowed through a platform-lift and a 80cm x 80cm grid is the basis for the floor plan, functional spaces and furniture.