85 m2

Design Construction 2016                   Athens, Greece


Softomotive, a software company that operates internationally, houses its offices in a leased space that does not allow any substantial interventions. The determining factor for its design was a large part the equipment and the use of a combination of colors, which aim to create a sense of serenity and vitality in balance, thanks to the alternation of warm and cold colors.

Six workstations are located in the main single office together with a space for the periodic cooperation of the employees. The management of the company is located in one of the two separate offices, while two other workstations, that require sound insulation, are located in the other one.

The office equipment was fully designed and constructed in order to ensure uniqueness and to meet the specific needs of the users. The white color of the ceiling, the walls and the work surfaces and the light wood color of the floor were considered necessary due to the great depth of the office space and the additional need for natural lighting.  The selection of strong contrasting colors focused on the office equipment as well as on the dividing panels of the closed offices in order to visually highlight them as volume creating elements.