2.100 m2

Design 2019

Collaborating architects: 

Naya Kostarelou, Yiota Papa,  Vasilis Spiliotis

Construction: Terna, 2019-20               

Orbit Building, Athens, Greece

Photos: George Messaritakis

Softomotive, an innovative software company, has chosen an entire floor  in the new Orbit office building for its new offices.

Inspired by the motto of the company as well as by the brand’s colour palette and the logo, our design allows for a harmonious flow between the various types of spaces, encourages collaboration, creativity and the sharing of  inspirational ideas. We minimalise unpleasant noise between the departments, leading to a sense of privacy, but not enclosure and create a colorful environment, both playful and inspiring that gives rise to a feeling of trust for employees, visitors and clients.


The delimitation of spaces with glass partitions, gives a sense of continuity through transparency and allows the sun to penetrate into all the office spaces. The glazed partitions incorporate artistic interpretations of the company’s logo. The offices take advantage of the beneficial presence of natural plants.