500,00 m2

Design 2004

Construction 2006-08



The brewery-pub Septem is located in a rural area of the municipality of Avlonari on the island of Evia. The design concept was based on the clear volumetric distinction of the three functions of the building, emphasized and amplified by the use of color differentiation between the volumes.

The production area, which plays the most important role in the function of the building, is housed in an oblong rectangular volume that constitutes the backbone of the building.

The warehouse, being directly connected with the production area, has similar proportions but smaller dimensions and penetrates the production volume. In its northern part it houses the finished product storage area, while the southern portion of the ground floor accommodates the shop and the company’s accounting department.


The upper level of this area is used as the pub’s terrace sheltered by a pergola, the use of which, beyond comfort, ensures the visual completion of the three-dimensional warehouse volume.

Finally, the - almost square in plan - volume where the pub is located penetrates the other end of the production volume. The pub is situated on the first floor while offices and the laboratory occupy the ground level.