360,00 m²



A seaside ground-floor weekend house designed to be integrated to the natural environment and ensure the morphological coexistence of a central modest and plain shell with bulges referring to simple primordial forms of residence.

The distinction of the house into functional units is expressed in the formation of the bulges: The main building, which overlooks and opens to the view, hosts family meeting facilities.  One of the sides of the two stone shells hosts the bedrooms of the family and the other one the guest house and office to ensure privacy.  A lower bulge runs the building like a backbone and constitutes the connecting zone of the main areas, creating two enlarged intermediate stop areas: the entrance and the kitchen.  The basement holds the auxiliary areas of the mechanical installations.

The outdoor configurations can either ensure privacy in close proximity to the rooms, or constitute family gathering areas, providing the necessary shade in different phases of the day: the eastern courtyard, the western courtyard that serves as the main outdoor dining area and at the level of the swimming pool the two independent uses, the living room and the dining, which become one under the pergola.

Ιn order to ensure maximum energy saving the principles of bioclimatic design were applied with regard to the location of the building and the choice of materials and the appropriate natural ventilation, shading and heating strategies were selected.