420m² and 350m² basement

Project 2010-2011


The shape of the plot was a determining factor in the design of this three-storey duplex house with a basement and a swimming pool: The building is an elongated rectangular running along the long and narrow site. The first apartment which is reserved for the clients – a family of four – comprises the entire ground floor, a part of the basement and a part of the first floor and has exclusive use of the swimming pool. The remaining first floor and the entire second floor constitute a separate independent apartment either for rental or for sale. The common areas of the mechanical installations and the parking spaces are located at the basement.

The clients’ desire for maximizing the available outdoor area for the family and for having direct and exclusive use of the garden, despite the narrowness of the plot, led to the retreat of the south side of the ground floor by 1.40m, thus allowing the development of the upper levels on a cantilevered beam.

The two staircases and the elevator are located along the north side of the building. The common living areas for each property are located towards the front of the house, the kitchen at the center and the bedrooms at the back of the plot, which is the quieter zone. Two internal atriums with an opening facing south, one for each property, contribute to the maximization of the outdoor areas per level.

The first and second floors, which are developed on a cantilevered beam, are morphologically unified through the external wooden surface surrounding them. The wooden surface bears the openings of the northern side, whereas the wooden horizontal blinds along the south side of each atrium create a less solid view allowing for the shading of the outdoor areas.