400,00 m2

Refurbisment design 2015

Refurbisment construction  2015-16

Photos: G. Messaritakis

When renovating a house where the preexisting layout is dominant and can only partially be altered, a core idea is needed as a guide.

In the case of a five-member family terraced house, the disadvantage of the narrow width and long depth of the plan was used as a base line and became the fundamental dynamic of the design, in order to create a harmonious and light interior space.

The unification of the common spaces at ground level was a crucial element when redesigning the internal layout. By removing existing wall partitions, we maximized the  natural light from both ends of the building and created open spaces that were clearly defined by their different uses but retained continuity between each other: main living room, central living room and library, dining and kitchen areas.

On the first floor the unnecessary fourth bedroom and third bathroom were removed in order to create a bright play room for the three children at the same level as their bedrooms. This area was separated from the central staircase by a low parapet, enabling partial visual communication with the ground level and natural cross ventilation.

In the attic, an open space was dived into two zones by a built–in element that acts on one side as a library and on the other side as the headboard of the bed in order to create the master bedroom and a small office area. In addition, a bathroom and the walk in closet are situated on the same level.

Finally, the basement layout was rearranged by creating a guestroom, wide storage spaces and a parking area.