33 m²

Design 2004                          

Wine fair, Oinorama 2004, Athens

Food fair Detrop 2005, Thessaloniki



The concept intends to create a stand avoiding the conventional product presentation such as windows or shelves.

A series of different but connected installations, without giving any immediate information, act as a barrier between the visitor and the exhibitor. The visitor, while approaching for the degustation process, discovers the visual, informative material which is incorporated into the construction.

The aim of the exhibition design is the evolution of the different barrier elements to follow symbolically the production procedure till the final aim of selling. The first element is a semi enclosed area acting as a storage space, which evolves in a superimposition of almost vertical layers that host the tasting area concluding in the horizontal area of the meeting desk.

The predominant material is wood in its natural color and it is used as a reference to the traditional wine-ageing unit, the barrel.

The stand got the award as “the best stand” in Detrop 2005.