Post Covid Normality - New Commercial Reality?

Empty shop-windows. Post Covid normality. A new commercial reality?

Our experience in the city is marked by the site of empty shop-windows. We, in Greece, and Athens in particular, have already lived through this since the previous financial crisis. Today, with the pandemic and its economic downturn, it is repeated. A vacant zone on the threshold between public space and the street has spread and established itself even further. Private properties are constantly refurbished and re-born, and then seen to be closed again and again. As Jan Gehl puts it, space between public and private is where we, as passers-by, relate with the city.  Its vacancy has a traumatic effect on us. The emptiness marks new meanings such as either nostalgia for images of summer holidays when people left the city or a sense of abandonment and depression in front of dark and lifeless shops. What will it be replaced by, when a new post-Covid normality arrives? What will we refill the vacancy with, if the acceleration of online marketing we witnessed during the Covid pandemic is established as a new commercial reality?