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Design  2014

Construction 2015-    


The expansion of the Kechris Winery will enable the wider reassessment of its premises, both in the sense of grouping existing and new production units, and of creating paths and areas that can be visited by the public.

The architectural design will focus on the creation of a harmonious continuity between the existing stone administration building, the production area, and the new spaces, on the morphological differentiation of the construction phases of the complex, on the creative reference to industrial architecture elements, and on the conceptual integration of the area’s wetland.

The pitched roof will go around the perimeter of all buildings, unifying the entire complex, but also contributing to the disruption of the tall building volumes of the production premises, creating a medium height zone. This new layout ensures a continuous indoor zone for employee transition from one area to another, minimizing their outdoor movement.

wetland inspiration photos
Kalochori wetland
winery bird-eye view
winery roof level view
movement diagram
winery's construction phases
tasting area of Kechris winery
Kechris winery's entrance
Kechirs winery's internal courtyard
semi open exhibition area
Kechris winery exhibition area
internal courtyard
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