Design & Construction 2009     



The design concept aims to create a functional jewellery shop in an extremely limited space. A linear narrow strip at the perimeter of the shop is the only space where the valuable pieces of jewellery are exposed. Part of this strip is viewed from the exterior, thus creating a double facade exhibition window.

The arrangement of the viewing area and the counter organizes the limited space, functioning as a barrier between the customer and the employee.

The dark under-lighted interior space increases the contrast with the lit narrow strip which accommodates the jewellery and symbolically underlines the limit between the exterior and the interior of the store. Rusted steel is used as cladding for both the exterior and the interior. The juxtaposition of rusted surfaces and gold jewellery intends to emphasize on the “superiority” of gold. Both elements – gold and steel - , while both being natural materials mined from the earth, are characterized by a contrasted susceptibility to decay, cost and consequently, reputation.