Design: Stavropoulou Architects

architect: Elena Stavropoulou
architect associate: Naya Kostarelou
Construction: 2K Constructions
civil engineer: Mihalis Koufakis
architect associate: Panayiotis Politis
Photographer:  Julia Klimi


Our office was assigned the redesign of the new facilities of ​​the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Center ‘gonimotis’ in Kolonaki. 


Taking into account the fact that a visit to the doctor is accompanied by mixed feelings of anticipation, expectation and consequently anxiety for the visitor, our common goal was to create a calm, comfortable and friendly ambience.

In 2003, during their stay in England, we had worked together with the doctors, Alexandra and George, to create their first clinic in Greece. We met up again 14 years later for the design of their new office.


The new clinic was located in a standard 1960s apartment, which had to be radically renovated to meet its new purpose. Our primary goal was to combine the functional needs and specifications of a state-of-the-art clinic with the creation of a minimal and welcoming space.

The main elements of the redesign were the removal of the conventional compartmentalization of the existing spaces and their unification, but also the design of special constructions, particularly in the ​​reception and waiting areas.

The reception area is, for functional and symbolic reasons, located in the central zone of the open-plan space.  The Doctors' Office is directly adjacent to the secretariat, whereas the two examination rooms are located in an independent zone, ensuring privacy and sound insulation. The auxiliary and wet areas complete the functional layout of the clinic. Warm, earthy shades and neutral tones of gray alternate throughout the rooms. The only intense color, the color of lime, was chosen for the leather furniture of the examination rooms.