Architect: Elena Stavropoulou
Collaborating architects:

Naya Kostarelou, Vaggelis Valtikos 
Construction: Stephanos Veronis,

civil engineer
Light Study: Neapolis

Photos: Julia Klimi,

George Messaritakis


The inspiration for the creation of Gargaretta derives from the center of the city that is constantly changing and developing, blending the future and the past, sounds and their cracks, the repetitive patterns and contrasts. This is reflected in all the elements of the interior design.

The challenges and the obstacles that had to be resolved were the division into two levels as well as the substantial length and the limited width of the space.

The intention was that the space should embrace the guest and trigger her imagination, bringing out the aromas and colors of Mediterranean culture.  The functions of the space, both a restaurant and a market, are organized around a central axis, dividing it into two levels; the cook gives the final touch to the dishes in the first zone while the bar tender’s and the sommelier’s area shapes the second one.