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18 m²

Design  - Construction 2009

This exhibition stand was commissioned from a Greek jewelry company to be built for an international exhibition in Bahrain. The design team was asked to create a stand that would be able to promote the valuable pieces while ensuring privacy for the visitors.

The stand was divided in two areas; the presentation area in the form of a black ornamented cube, and a relaxation area next to it. The presentation of the jewels takes place inside the box which is accessed by the relaxation area and through a hidden door

The cube was treated as a black illuminated lantern, ornamented with perforations of various diameters, and a lit showcase at eye-level exhibiting the jewelry. The actual cladding of the cube is a double layer of a translucent material overlapped by a dark opaque perforated surface carrying a repetitive spiral referencing Hellenic decorative forms. The liberal reproduction and size variation of the archaic element aims to create a transition to corresponding arabesques.

Stavropoulou architects
Stavropoulou architects
Stavropoulou architects

Exhibitional stand in Bahrain

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