1.700 m²

Design 2001-2003                         Construction 2004-2007

Collaborators: Dimitris Gliatis architect, 


The basic functional target set while designing the Papagiannakos Estate winery was to ensure the successful combination of a comprehensive visitor’s tour within the winery space, along with a smooth production flow without one undermining the other. Inspiration was found in the local vernacular architecture, leading to the choice of a building typology common to the Mesogeia area, marked by introverted courtyards, a dominant presence of sloping roofs, and the linear arrangement of rooms and ancillary spaces that create the characteristic “makrinaria” (long edifices).

The extension of the building at ground level and the avoidance of high elevations allowed the harmonious integration of the building into the surrounding environment. Indeed, the plot itself dictates such an approach, defined as it is by the east-west axis. The bioclimatic principles integrated into the design comprise: a) exploitation of solar gains, b) natural ventilation and c) reduction of the need for mechanical cooling. Various passive systems were implemented, aiming at the reduction of energy, always according to design principles that are well adapted to the climatological context, the topography and the orientation of the plot.