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216,00 m²

Design 2009

In this vacation house the dominant design element was both the coastal nature of the steep slope plot/land and the dense vegetation with pines, olive trees and cypresses.

Morphological elements of the local architecture, characterized by uniformity, simplicity and austerity with strong Western influences, were adopted. The building was split into two smaller volumes in order to achieve a visual discontinuity, providing views of the sea and a sufficient level of isolation. The aim was to select a typology that with its generally discreet presence coexisted harmoniously with its environment.

The main entrance manages to unify the two functional blocks while the use of large glass panels emphasizes their visual independence.

The common spaces of the house are organized into multiple levels taking advantage of the steep slope. They also benefit, functionally and aesthetically, from the proximity of the dominant existing trees that have been highlighted by the building volumes complex.

An alternation of empty and full areas is created, seeking to avoid a rigid and out of scale building volume without affecting volumetric and functional continuity.


Bioclimatic residence, Stavropoulou
Stavropoulou architects
Stavropoulou Elena, design
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