Design 2008

Construction 2010-2011



This is a residence for a four member family in the village of Ancient Corinth. The site is a rectangular of oblong proportions, running along the north/ south axis. The most important challenge for the design, resulting in the spatial layout of the project, has been balancing the drawbacks and benefits between a north-orientated panoramic view of the Corinthian gulf (sacrificing solar gains) and a south-oriented spectacular view towards the impressive Akrokorinthos rock south of the site­­­.

The residence consists of separate volumes all laid out in one level, adopting the architectural language of traditional rural architecture where the evolution of the building occurs in time, according to the users’ needs. The individual units are characterized by introversion and discretion and increase the building’s ability to blend in with the landscape.

This configuration allows for a fragmantation of the open space, thus creating a series of terraces and courtyards.

While the south oriented inner court yard is protected from the cold winter winds, the northern summer terrace with the covered belvedere enjoys a panoramic view of the Corinthian gulf.