Design 2004

Construction 2005-2006


The house, for a four-member family and an architectural office, is built on a sloping plot with in a terraced alignment type of layout system. The desire to achieve the greatest possible contact with the ground, is a determining factor for the organization of the levels of the building. The building is defined by a 10mx10mx6,50m two storey space. This is the “box” in which the common spaces of the house are located and acts as the outer shell.Smaller, independent volumes penetrate this shell and define the private spaces of the users.The building follows the principles of bioclimatic design: a cooling and shading strategy, natural ventilation and an appropriate heating strategy combined with solar gains.Also adequate natural light is provided according to the use of the space. Exposed concrete is used for the construction of the external shell, whereas red cedar wood and rusted steel are the materials that cover the external surfaces of the private “boxes”.