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For Elena  a bag can be a shell. A shell is usually perceived as a hard and rigid boundary between exterior and interior, public and private but a handbag represents a different kind of shell: a malleable one. It’s a shell that protects, hides, secures, organizes, separates and sometimes traps or even devours objects.

Elena has created the brand elena vandelli and designed for the brand elena  three collections: the one of a kind collection that  even if there are resemblances between items in shape, color or size, no single model is repeated as an exact replica of a previous one. When working on a model so many new ideas are born, that she wants to proceed to a new model and never repeat the same one. The city collection and the beach collection.

A wide range of materials are used, from suede and leather to fabrics and metal, creating a constant contrast between textures and hues.

Combined within an extremely clear geometric outline, fabrics woven in different ways, smooth or textured, with details that refer to traditional designs of other times and places, or perhaps even to an imaginary origin, are used. A balance of opposing forces is always the desired result.

She created the brand:

Elena Vandelli leather tote bag
Elena Vandelli leather tote bag
elena vandelli handmade bags
elena vandelli unique bag design
elena vandelli canvas bag
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