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Set Design for the Opera Andrei

Project 2022


Elena Stavropoulou has created the scenography for the opera 'ANDREI: Requiem in eight scenes' of Dimitra Trypani, at the GNO.

We are delighted that the moment we have all been waiting for so long has arrived: The premiere of the Opera by Dimitra Trypani, GNO, Stavros Niarchos Hall.

Whereas architecture creates a hybrid space that balances between the functional needs of reality and an imaginary and poetic world, scenography is part of the visual core of the director’s vision where a life experience becomes a narrative. Reality and fantasy coexist: while the action unfolds in the physical space of the stage, the 'other' reality is created in an imaginary space and time.

Opera Andrei Set Design Elena Stavrpoulou
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