Stavropoulou Architects

is an architectural practice based in  Athens Greece that meets the client's requirements,

  either  for a unique custom or a remodeling project,

implements the principles of bioclimatic architecture always aiming to create aesthetic and technological innovations.

Residential work includes villas, single-family houses,  vacation houses and the refurbishment  of apartments. 


We believe that the design of a home should be 

timeless  and inspiring; 


It should create a  space that is  

restful,  satisfies the specific brief’s 

requirements and ensures thermal, visual 

acoustic comfort for its occupants  

minimizing energy consumption.

Our aim is to transform the design and 
 construction procedure into an exciting journey 
 to a unique sustainable living space for the future user.

Our aim is to transform the design

and construction procedure

into an exciting journey

to a unique sustainable living space

for the future user.

Our aim is to transform the design and construction procedure into an exciting journey to a unique sustainable living space for the future user. 


The practice’s experience in designing

and constructing visitable industrial buildings ensures a successful combination of a comprehensive visitor’s tour and a production flow without

one undermining the other.


The plot itself dictates the design approach

that should be followed in order to allow for

a harmonious integration of the building into

the surrounding environment.

Taking into account the fact that the visit to a doctor is accompanied by mixed feelings of anticipation, expectation and consequently anxiety for the visitor, our common goal was to create a calm, comfort and friendly ambience.



The interiors are redesigned in order to meet the companies’ operational needs.


Uniform open spaces have been provided, combined with enclosed offices ensuring stringent sound insulation requirements.

Our work always focuces  on the climatic analysis  of the site, solar orientation and shading and natural ventilation strategies incorporating both passive and active systems, green roofs,  integration of solar heating systems, research into the installation of alternative energy systems, product research and water conservation strategies.

The implemented materials are evaluated according to their: 

  • Embodied energy

  • Sustainability of the natural resources that are used for their production procedure

  • Level of potential reintegration into the environment or their ability to be recycled

  • Probability of direct toxicity for the user or indirect toxicity for the environment.

An exhibition stand should be a three-dimensional advertising message and the spatial expression of the exhibiting company’s profile and business philosophy.

We have a long experience in the design and construction of customized exhibition stands which have been successfully realized in Greece and abroad.

When she became an architect Elena Stavropoulou

fulfilled her need for design and creation, especially through the combination of designing

and making things by hand

She has a strong passion for handcrafted objects that provide her with an immediate satisfaction

thanks to the unique process of passing

from the idea to the final material object.


Each architectural project is unique. 

We help users realize their dream. 

We want always to create an individual 

sustainable environment. 

The equilibrium between the aesthetic and functional parameters  will enhance and strengthen the company’s identity creating a significant additional marketing opportunity. 

The determining factor for office design is the use of a combination of colors that create a sense of serenity

and vitality in balance.

Most of the times the office furniture is fully designed and constructed in order to ensure uniqueness and to meet the specific needs of the users.

As architects we always want to experiment and create new forms on all scales beyond the building itself, including small useful objects. The goal is to always serve the needs of the user by offering her handmade items and ensuring that our work is always innovative. Drawing inspiration from nature and different cultures, we create collections of unique

hand-crafted objects made of leather, metal and clay

With more than 20 years of experience

in constructions of different scales

we take on a managing  role

in the construction procedure

so as to achieve the most accurate realization

responding  to the requirements

of the particular program and

satisfying the client’s unique needs.

Stavropoulou Architects practices

project management  and building cost planning,

helping the client

to stay within the prescribed budget.

It is crucial to help the client to understand

not only initial costs but also life cycle costs

due to the fact that sustainable design

provides the greatest return  on investment

over the entire lifetime of the building.